What is sipping Vodka?

Local ingredients, maple charcoal filtered, glacial water from the Warmia Mazury region, real fruit and no artificial flavours; we haven’t made any compromises for this sipping vodka. 

To appreciate the difference between a high-quality vodka and a mass-market brand, it’s worth having a quick look into the production process.

An insight into the distillation process

The first stage is the fermentation of our pure ripe grain. The resulting liquid is then distilled by heating it in a column still. Because it boils at a lower temperature, the evaporated alcohol can be separated from the water, thus creating a purified alcoholic liquor.

Vodka with more heart

The purest, best quality vodka comes from the “heart” of the distillation process, with the head and the tail producing a harsh product better suited to industrial and medical uses.  Where the cut-off point between these stages lies is a balance between quality and cost.

Broadly speaking, the mass market vodkas (you know who they are…) will include  more of the (headache-inducing) head and tail elements in their product to reduce costs, but at the expense of quality.

Essentially, they’re creating a drink that needs to be mixed, not one that can be enjoyed “Bare”.

Bare Vodka includes only the purest heart of the process, making a beautifully smooth drink that can be sipped at your leisure.