Environmental Policy


We want to protect the environment which is why we go beyond being carbon neutral. A bottle of vodka uses around 2.5kg of CO2 before it reaches the customer, so we’ve committed to offsetting 5kg of CO2 per bottle that we sell by funding tree growing projects. To put that into perspective, 5kg of CO2 is about the same as a modern car driving for around 30km. At the moment we’re contributing to reforestation projects in the Nistar forest ranges in India and in north-west Madagascar.

We want to make sure that we go beyond this though which is why we’ve taken these sustainable decisions;

- Sustainable (Vegetable Ink) on our labels and tubes

- Biodegradeable and recyclable cardboard tubes

- Recyclable tube caps

- Recyclable bottles

- We use biodegradable Ecoflo loose void fill in our shipping.

- Our document enclosed labels are fully recyclable

- We use Parcelforce for our shipping. You can read more about their environmental policy here https://www.parcelforce.com/about-parcelforce-worldwide/our-environmental-programme