About us

Who We Are

Bare Vodka is a family-run business where we’ve embraced the traditions of our ancestors to create a vodka that truly reflects our Polish heritage. We want to welcome you into our family and share the traditions that we’ve carried with us for centuries. Our family’s drinking culture may be a bit different to what you’re familiar with. We don’t freeze our vodka, we have it at cellar temperature. We don’t use vodka as a device to get drunk, we sip it. Although we no longer use a homemade still, we continue to make vodka that takes these traditions into account. This way, everyone can enjoy vodka the way that our parents, grandparents, and their parents before them did. We want Bare Vodka to become your new tradition.  

The Old Family Farm
The Old Family Farm

The Perfect Sipping Vodka

At Bare Vodka, we are passionate about authenticity and quality. Our mission is simple: to create the perfect sipping vodka that can also act as an excellent base for cocktails. We don’t believe in compromise which is why we use the highest quality grains, water, fruit, and honey. Crafted in small batches, our combination of high quality ingredients as well as using only the heart of the distillation makes a vodka that has the right amount of that authentic, mouth-warming edge that’s perfect with cocktails but also smooth enough to be enjoyed without mixing. Great vodka doesn’t happen by chance, it takes skill to be this good.


Our Promise to You

When we started Bare Vodka, there were a few things that we refused to budge on. We committed to never using artificial flavourings in our flavoured vodka. Everything you taste when you take a sip of our delicious cherry or honey vodka is natural. We also made sure than our flavoured vodkas weren’t gimmicks designed to entice people in for one sale, and then never be bought again - all our vodka flavours are based on traditional Polish recipes. We also ensured that all our vodkas were actually vodkas. Unlike some other companies, we believe that a vodka should have an alcohol content of between 37.5-40%. Anything less and it becomes a liqueur. We wanted to protect the environment too, which is why we decided to make all our packaging recyclable. We went a bit further though to guarantee that we were making a positive contribution to the world which is why we went beyond carbon offsetting to make sure that we were taking out more CO2 than we were putting in. You can read more about that here.