The Best Luxury Clear Vodkas That You Can Buy Right Now

The clear luxury vodka category is relatively new, yet there is an incredible amount of choice out there. So how do you determine what to choose? We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best luxury vodkas currently on offer to hopefully make that choice easier for you. 
While some brands try and get away with making their packaging more elaborate, all the brands we’ve featured in this list have put in the effort to make sure that the clear elixir that we all love to drink is as perfect as possible. 
These are vodkas that you can mix if you want to, but can also be enjoyed just on their own. 

1. Bare Vodka

Bare Vodka luxury clear vodka for sale
When it comes to a clear vodka, there are two critical components - the water and the spirit. Bare Vodka’s No.1 clear vodka perfects these two components to create one of the smoothest vodkas available. The water comes from the glacial lakes of the Warmia Mazury region in Poland which means that the vodka is crisp and pure. It’s easy to forget that with clear vodka 60% of the product is water so this is an essential part of vodka, and usually what separates a premium and standard clear vodka. 
The other 40% is of course important too and Bare Vodka’s base spirit is one of the best available. Bare Vodka uses the ‘heart’ of the distillation, meaning that only the central part of the distillation is used whereas other vodkas may use more of the heads and tails of the spirit which results in a more headache inducing harsh vodka - but higher profit margins. This heart is then filtered through a maple charcoal filter, giving the vodka a naturally smooth taste.
All of this means that you can drink the vodka ‘properly’, at cellar temperature, rather than having to freeze it (which masks the flavour). It also means that the vodka can be sipped on its own rather than mixed - though its smoothness means that it if you do decide to mix it and make a cocktail, they’ll taste better than ever. In fact, every bottle comes with a brochure containing delicious original cocktails. And if that’s not enough to convince you, all bottles are carbon negative due to an ambitious tree planting project!
Tasting Notes 
Aromas of fresh alpine flora with notes of spices; on the palate there is a hint of vanilla with undertones of fresh herbs and botanicals.
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2. Chopin Family Reserve

Chopin vodka Luxury clear vodka family reserveChopin Vodka might not be as well known as other vodka brands, but most brands owe their existence to Chopin! Though it’s sometimes disputed, Chopin Vodka is often recognised as the brand that created the super-premium vodka category in the early 1990s. The brand prides itself on its local ingredients and Chopin Family Reserve is no different. 

Chopin Family Reserve comes from a potato crop that was planted in 2016 and harvested while still young - resulting in a sweeter tasting profile. The spirit was then left in oak barrels for two years to allow it to mellow out. Chopin’s normal potato vodka has been well received over the years, so you don’t need to wonder how smooth this premium vodka is!

Tasting Notes 

Presents on the nose hints of spice that accent a gentle, sweet musk. Palate opens with a delicate earthy sweetness. Followed by understated notes of liquorice and clove. Finish is medium-long with a lingering warmth 

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3. Grey Goose

Grey goose luxury vodka and cocktail


This French vodka is one of the more well known premium vodka’s out there, and for good reason. Although France might be better known for its wine and champagne, Grey Goose is an excellent spirit that does its country proud. Boasting unique features, such as the fact that every bottle is washed with grey goose only, this vodka is certainly worth a try. 

Grey Goose uses local ingredients such as soft winter wheat and spring water from Gensac in the Cognac region giving the vodka a distinct creamy flavour. We appreciate a vodka that utilises local ingredients and Grey Goose fulfils this with 100% French ingredients. 

Tasting Notes

Delicate and floral on the nose. Palate consists of a slight hint of burnt charcoal with a dash of sweetness and a touch of spice. 

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4. Belvedere

Belvedere clear luxury vodka


Although the name is anglicised, this premium vodka comes from Poland. Manufactured by the former Polish state-owned monopoly, Belvedere is now owned by the luxury goods group LVMH. A rye vodka, Belvedere uses Dankowskie rye that’s grown in farms local to the distillery. 

The Belvedere brand has become synonymous with the idea of luxury and was even chosen to be the official vodka brand of the James Bond film, ‘Spectre’. However, unlike some other luxury vodkas, Belvedere isn’t just a mediocre product with strong marketing - the high starch content of the rye results in one of the smoothest vodkas available. 

Tasting Notes

A neutral and fresh tone on the nose. Palate is incredibly clear with refreshing hints of citrus and vanilla. 

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5. Haku 

Haku vodka luxury Japanese vodka


Created by Suntory, better known for its renowned whiskies, Haku Vodka is a Japanese white rice vodka. Haku’s creation is an original spin on the classic clear vodka with features such as its use of rice, as well as its bamboo charcoal filtration, creating a truly unique vodka. 

Making the most out of its Japanese heritage, Haku Vodka’s bottle features curved lines that are meant to represent the streams glistening through nature in Japan as they run through the four seasons. 

Tasting Notes

A sweet and complex aroma of rice. An almost botanical flavour with a bitter and minty taste on the pallet. 

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6. Tito’s Vodka

Titos handmade vodka image clear vodka

America may not be well known for its vodka prowess, but Tito’s does a good job at representing its country. A 100% corn vodka, Tito’s uses an old fashioned pot still (featured on its label) to create an incredibly clean product. Though the packaging may not be the most premium on the market, the artisanal quality of the product means that this vodka is one that can be truly appreciated by vodka connoisseurs. 

Tasting Notes

A corn based sweet note on the nose. A very neutral clean flavour with a slight bit of heat at the end. 

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